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Prebiotics & Why You Should Take Them

The purpose of prebiotics is to get the biochemical conditions just right for several types of healthy bacteria that line our guts and help us digest our meals. These bacteria have been linked to a decreased incidence in cancer, IBD, bacterial infections, mood and several types of cancer. In short, these gut bacteria are good, and its a good idea to maintain a proper balance of them for several aspects of your health.

Inulin tastes like a mild sweetener, and it's perfect for use in smoothies, protein shakes, morning coffee or tea. For some reason, I have only found Inulin as a powder that can be difficult to dissolve in cold water, but that is still my favorite method of consumption - one tablespoon mixed into one large glass of water. I like to take mine in the mornings on days when I have little to no activity working in the office, and on these mornings I'll also skip breakfast.

The prebiotics help kickstart your good gut bacteria which can then go to work metabolizing leftovers in your gut from previous meals.

Here is the best option and really the best buy for 1kg (35oz) of Inulin Powder

But if you would like a budget option or if you're intersterested in starting small to see if it's for you, here's an 8 oz version.

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